Welcome to over 50 years experience in quality production

RF Electronic Controls is now nearing its 50th year of Precision design and manufacturing of peristaltic dosing pumps and electronic controls for transferring liquids.

  •  RFE are industry renowned for producing pumps with enduring design and build quality.
  •  RFE designs reduce maintenance time and improve overall productivity to transfer liquids and powders.

Laundry Systems Range

RFE has an extensive range of laundry dosing systems that offer solutions for delivery of powder or liquids into a variety of washers employing a wide range of wash loads. Our liquid systems will suit various applications from on-premise laundries to the heavy demands of an industrial laundry. Our systems are capable of dosing powder, starch or liquid detergent, de-stainer, fabric conditioner and many other products. Washer programmes can be set to accommodate your requirements.

Ware Washing Range

RFE have a wide range of ware washing single and dual pump dispensers. Single pump units are available for either detergent or rinse aid dosing whilst dual pump units can dose both products. The units are designed to automatically dose product into a wide variety of dishwashers ranging from small glass washers up to the largest conveyor dishwashers. All products are user friendly, and are designed to ensure safety, reliability and durability.

Pump Range

RFE has a wide range of peristaltic pumps, which have been supplied to various industries, from small to the large OEM industrial organisations. The pumps provide injection from 20ml per minute to 5 litres per minute. They can also be supplied in a range of voltages and wide variety of peristaltic tubes that will cater for most chemical liquids. The pumps are self-priming up to 5 metres from dry and are capable of pumping up to 10 metres of head pressure.

Water Treatment Range

RFE has a range of programmable battery or mains operated enzyme and biocide dosing systems for the delivery of chemicals into grease traps, drains, septic tanks, swimming pools and cistern fed systems such as urinals. Enzyme based chemicals are being increasingly used in commercial kitchens and food processing facilities to prevent drain blockage problems caused by grease (fat) build up.